Nov 29, 2007

A Story Told in Pictures

Why is Ariel standing by the door?

(gasp!) Ariel didn't create a post for today. For shame!

No, she and Dominique are running off to get his eyes checked and later...books!

Hmm. A box full of books, eh? If only. . .

Oh well. Puppies make everything better.

Isn't she cute?


Anonymous said...

Yes she is soooooooo cute!
And so is the puppy.

Can you think of a boxful of books that you would like to buy? Although it's unlikely they'll send them here for you.

You are cute.
I love you.

thorns said...

Not cute. And yes, I can think of enough books I want to fill an entire box. That box could go with my other 3 or 4 boxes of books.

Anonymous said...

Work out how much they'd cost. It'd be a good christmas present for you? Are there any books that I would like as well?

Kris said...

This is a wonderful story! It has twists and turns, and GASP, a surprise ending.


Bess said...

Did you guys get a puppy? or just visit a puppy? she's got a sweet face.

thorns said...

She lives in the house and belongs to Thomas.

She really is a sweetheart. She'll wag so hard her whole body moves.

Anonymous said...

But can we get a kitty first?

Rachel said...

You're right, you're not cute. You're adorable. :P

*hugs* I miss you.