Nov 16, 2007

Writer's Block

Sometimes I feel so uninspired. I suppose because I often feel as if my life is uninspiring. This is the hang up of many people who would otherwise be creative. I think it's important though, to be able to take an otherwise boring life and spice it up with things from within your own head. To not sink into normalcy simply because that's what surrounds you.

What really got me started on this vein of thought was the movie Cry Baby. It's a great movie to watch when you feel down in the dumps and generally so bored with life you're willing to sink in and be monotone. It's a silly movie, as many parodies are but it's more than that. The main character, Cry Baby leads a group of juvenile delinquents. These are people who love to have fun, who aren't afraid to be "wild". They are essentially rebelling against a society that forces people to be tame but the awesome thing about them is that don't take themselves seriously. They have fun with it. I adore the movie for that. Johnny Depp helps too. (laughs)

At any rate, there are some things to do when you're feeling crappy:

  • Immerse yourself in things that inspire you, for me it's an autumn day and some good music.
  • Surround yourself with things that make you happy. It could be a stuffed animal or a favorite book.
  • Most importantly, try to challenge yourself. Strive to reinvent yourself everyday so that your outside matches your inside and so that the things you do match who you are. Create!
And now I am off to take my own advice!


Bess said...

These are fun things to do too:

Ariel said...

Yup, that's kinda what made me motivated to write the post cause I read some of her ideas.

Kris said...

I like your suggestions.

Your theories strike home.


Ariel said...

The forest?

Kris said...

The trees and the little rocky ponds and the leaves inspire me. That's the place I feel very much at peace.

Mark McGuinness said...

Good advice Ariel! I agree it's easy to think "If only I lived in an inspiring place/time it would be much easier to write" but it's often a matter of seeing the inspiration that's right under your nose.